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Xpress XM1S Race Report by rcmini.net

Xpress XM1S Race Report by rcmini.net

Wednesday, September 26, 2018 12:51:41 AM America/Los_Angeles

And… first run for the XM1S. We need to change the tires and up the ride height a but but Tony P in his first practise run was a solid 2 to 3 tenths than anyone else…. Thanks to Danny Ng and Smokem Racing.
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It was a double whammy for us with the XM1S debuting in Australia (maybe even the world for an actual major race meeting?)

You’ve no doubt already seen the XM1S videos from yesterday. Straight out of the box, with Hobbywing Max 10 3300kv Combo, geared at 4.3:1 and with Team Powers 32’s all round the thing was a freaking missile! Everything else was AS PER KIT SETUP. Bodyshell was a Blitz RS4 Mini.

We didn’t touch this car at all from what Xpress intended and it was easily half second quicker than anything else. Tony G was banned from driving it because it was way out of his league. Tony P held the reins all day.

We did have some issues though as we went into the afternoon. Track temp came up and we made some tire changes that…well they didn’t work. The car didnt like them. Although in most instances once the tires had come up to temp more it was more inline with what we needed and in the car was still quicker on individual lap times than anything else. We also had some pre-mounts that…well they weren’t entirely pre-mounted.

As we went into the night session it was still tricky and it wasn’t until the 3rd A Main that we nailed it. Tony P pulled back some droop off the rear shocks and we put the car back onto the TP 32’s again. Bam, instant dialled rocketship again. The hint of understeer that the droop change brought in calmed it down and he was absolutely streaking off into the night like he had done in the morning, until….the picture tells the story.

Other notable points – He had some crashes, BIG ARSE ones too, cos the car goes mighty fast. We broke/bent NOTHING. Its one tough little critter. Ours was the first to run in Australia, it sure as hell won’t be the last. They’re retailing here at a hint over $160 from Vince at Smokem Racing and (we don’t normally swear on here, but) they are a fucking bargain. Don’t ask, just go and get one. 4WD Mini is BACK!

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RCmini.net  Sep 23, 2018

Wow…first race for the XM1S and Tony P just slammed everyone. Unfortunately a few non-starters in Heat 1 but it wouldnt have mattered as the Xpress was in a class of its own. We raised it a little and switched to Team Powers 32’s all round and you can see the results for yourself. This thing was dialled with a capital D. You know you want one…..Aussie racers, call Vinny at Smokem Racing right now and grab one. NOW!
Credit Rcmini Net 2018.09.21

Xpress XM1S Austalia
Xpress XM1S Austalia

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