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22 4.0 Body options

Hello everyone,

This week, I would like to talk about the body options you have for your TLR 22 4.0. First off, all the bodies I talk about here today come in both regular weight and light weight option. The only difference in the two is the lexan thickness, which with a lighter body would reduce overall weight and give the car a lower CG. TLR (TLR230010 and TLR230008), JConcepts (JCO0318 and JCO0318L), and Pro-Line (PRO329230 and PRO329225) all have bodies available. All have slightly different styling characteristics and perform slightly different. Dakotah Phend prefers the TLR (TLR230008) for its overall look and its balance front to rear on the car. I prefer the JConcepts (JCO0318L) for its great styling and the forgiveness it gives me on the track. Tanner Denney goes with the Pro-Line (PRO329225) for its awesome drivability on all different track conditions. Hopefully now you have a little insight on what body options are out there and like always you can find them all at HorizonHobby.com.

#22empire #8realm #DriveTLR Source: http://losiracing.blogspot.com/2018/07/22-40-body-options.html

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